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Publishing Rules
With zHotelling means the web site www.zhotelling.com or the owner/administrator of the website
This document describes rules, specifications and guidance for the publication of accommodation and/or other types of content.
It is necessary that you respect and understand all aspects of this document.
• You can only publish content relating to goods, services or anything else of which you are the rightful owner of it and of which it is entitled to do. The violation of property rights, copyright, trademark or other rights, will be severely prosecuted by the competent authorities.
zHotelling will indicate in the pages when the user can not enter data regarding his contacts or others, of any kind (website links, e-mail, phone numbers, identifiers for social networks, etc.)
Any type of contact can be obscured and/or removed from zHotelling at any time and without notice.
zHotelling may also, at its discretion, decide to suspend the publication of content of the user and/or suspend the account of the user who violates this rule.
• Who publishes announcements of accommodation can only do so if it is entitled to do.
It is not allowed to make mediation, ie a listing of accommodation must be published and managed by direct owner (or tenant or owner of the property in question and so on.), in essence it is not allowed that a person or company or anyone else, through an ad (or a series of ads) makes mediation between those seeking housing and legitimate detendore housing or accommodation.
For compliance with this rule zHotelling will also benefit from the feedback of users who will stay at the accommodation.
In the event of detection of violation of this rule, zHotelling ask a large indemnification, in addition to applying the suspension of account of the user who violated this rule.
• On specific request, the user can make use of services and/or additional features for a fee.
The services and/or features can be of various nature, characteristics and modes of use They can be changed at the discretion and at any time by zHotelling.
How to purchase and payment will be shown on relative pages.
• In the pages where the various content are published and/or managed, zHotelling reserves the right to enable or disable features and options at own discretion and/or need, without warning.
• For reviews, when and where they will be provided, will be applied ad-hoc rules on the page devoted to their compilation and publication.
• The user searching for accommodation in zHotelling is aware that to him is not applied any charge or cost for booking, for this reason zHotelling asks that he contributes communicating to zHotelling discrepancies and violations of the terms by the other users. Of course what it is not mandatory, but it also falls in the interest of the same user to be able to always count on gratuity proposed to those looking for accommodation in zHotelling
• When you publish content, you must use the same common sense rules that apply in everyday life, Therefore, we list a number of points (though not exhaustive) that should follow
    - always have a respectful attitude towards all other
    - enforce the same rules and precautions that you use every day in your daily lives
    - it is forbidden to use foul language, racism, hatred and violence
    - it is forbidden to publish or distribute content involving child pornography
    - it is forbidden to publish content for illegal purposes
    - it is forbidden to spread confidential content of which you are not the rightful owner
• All content must adhere strictly :
    - applicable laws
    - all other users and common sense
    the rules of this document, the «Terms and Conditions of Use» and «Privacy Policy» of the website
• zHotelling is a website can be accessed via the Internet, then given that potentially it can be used anywhere in the world, you must comply with international law and the rules in your country
• The user is encouraged to collaborate with zHotelling to that effect and then to communicate any crimes, violations of the law and/or violations of the terms of this document, in any case have carefully check the veracity of what you are communicating
• The violation of one of the points of this document will lead removal of the contents you have published, without notice, even if they were purchased services or functionality for a fee. In that case, no amount will be refunded, even in part.
Document updated to 15/04/2015
Copyright   2015
Vat n.   02567830647

zHotelling.com is a web platform dedicated to publishing and searching for accommodation. Who propose lodging or has an accommodation structure knows the importance of being present in the internet through a system that allows a simple and rapid consultation and reservation; and who is looking for a place for overnight, use increasingly internet for this purpose, a means of global visibility exceptional.

zHotelling has created this platform, free for those looking for accommodation, simple and very practical to use, both for those who have an accommodation structure and intends to increase its business, both for those in search of housing and accommodation with exclusive services and targeted.

One of the many advantages in zHotelling is the vastness of types of accommodation presente in the search engine, in fact in zHotelling anyone can post ads for housing, local people who provide a room for those who travel, an entire apartment or any property, even in the countryside etc., and the classic struture accommodation as hotels, bed & breakfasts, cottages, holiday homes, guest houses, hostels, campsites, holiday parks .. and many other types.

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