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Privacy Policy
With zHotelling means the web site www.zhotelling.com or the owner/administrator of the website
This document describes the processing of personal data collected by zHotelling, the purpose, the specifications of conservation of the same, and other inherent the management of user data
The data
The data collected may vary depending on the services you use, example, data concerning the publication of advertisements and/or other content, Data pertaining to the purchase of specific services provided by zHotelling, etc.
The following list is not exhaustive:
    - data concerning registration
    - data relating to payments for purchase of services
    - data concerning transactions regarding the website
    - data concerning the reviews written on the site
    - data collected by the system
    - other data which may vary with the addition of new services or functions
Authorization for the use of data and purpose
You certify that the data or information given by you are true and you authorize zHotelling the treatment of the same in order to allow the complete management of all activities related and linked to the site, for example (non-exhaustive list) :
    - administrative and commercial management of the website
    - fulfillment of obligations in laws
    - creation of statistics
    - to explore the trends to improve the site and/or to provide to you specific information
    - to supply services and customization of content on the site
    - to perform communications of various nature
    - to solve technical problems and resolve disputes
    - to promote our services and inform you about the evolution of the site
    - to provide information regarding the safety and use of the site
Your data will be stored and managed by zHotelling that will not give them to third parties for commercial use, unless your explicit consent. However, in the cases provided by law, in cases of disputes, complaints and violations of our rules and/or at least in cases where, by law, it is necessary to interact with third parties, zHotelling reserves the right to disclose such data.
If you demand services that involve the intervention of third parties, (companies, etc.), for example, to make payments or provide specific services, zHotelling is automatically entitled to use and share your information to the parties involved in its operations.
All data will be used by zHotelling, in the person of the holder, pursuant to and in accordance with Decree no. 196/2003.
Information of other users
As it is for your information, also the information about other users are treated in accordance with the Privacy Policy and according to all the rules of the site, so you agree to use the information of other users/members only for the purpose and for what is indicated in Terms and Rules of use of the website.
Each user must be fully aware that if publish own contact data, can be contacted directly by other people. However you can always be contacted via the messaging system of the website.
Do not use the data of the users data for illicit purposes, or for sending advertising or promotional content, or for communicating them to others for purposes of advertising and/or commercial, or to make spam or other reasons not allowed. All offenses and violations will be prosecuted.
Verification actions
Information, announcements, traces of navigation and any other data that you make interact with the website can be checked at any time using our tools in order to check for any transgressions of the rules of the site or the law, or to check for prohibited content , etc.
These data will be kept for the time required for this activity. zHotelling commits with their instruments, so far as possible, to enforce the laws governing the protection of privacy.
zHotelling commits to do its utmost for the safety of your data, given the nature of internet this is anyway not insurable absolutely. Within the limits of the law, zHotelling is not responsible for any loss or data breaches, especially if the events involving this eventuality are beyond our control.
To update you data
Once enrolled in the website, you can see and edit your data in your personal area. The email data used to the registration will not be directly editable.
Updates of this document
zHotelling reserves the right to modify at any time the document relating to the Privacy Policy.
Document updated to 15/04/2015
Copyright   2015
Vat n.   02567830647

zHotelling.com is a web platform dedicated to publishing and searching for accommodation. Who propose lodging or has an accommodation structure knows the importance of being present in the internet through a system that allows a simple and rapid consultation and reservation; and who is looking for a place for overnight, use increasingly internet for this purpose, a means of global visibility exceptional.

zHotelling has created this platform, free for those looking for accommodation, simple and very practical to use, both for those who have an accommodation structure and intends to increase its business, both for those in search of housing and accommodation with exclusive services and targeted.

One of the many advantages in zHotelling is the vastness of types of accommodation presente in the search engine, in fact in zHotelling anyone can post ads for housing, local people who provide a room for those who travel, an entire apartment or any property, even in the countryside etc., and the classic struture accommodation as hotels, bed & breakfasts, cottages, holiday homes, guest houses, hostels, campsites, holiday parks .. and many other types.

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