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Where - Indicate the place where you are looking for accommodation

Check-in date - Is the arrival date at the accommodation

Check-out date - Is the leaving date from the accommodation

Price - Through the selection bar can define the daily price range in which look

Type - If you do not select a specific type, will include all

Private room - A type of accommodation that corresponds to a private room

Shared room - A type of accommodation which corresponds to a shared room/environment with other people

Whole property - A type of accommodation that corresponds to an entire property

Standard accommodation - The type of accommodation is standard as Hotel, Bed&Breakfast, Hostel, etc.
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zHotelling.com is a web platform dedicated to publishing and searching for accommodation. Who propose lodging or has an accommodation structure knows the importance of being present in the internet through a system that allows a simple and rapid consultation and reservation; and who is looking for a place for overnight, use increasingly internet for this purpose, a means of global visibility exceptional.

zHotelling has created this platform, free for those looking for accommodation, simple and very practical to use, both for those who have an accommodation structure and intends to increase its business, both for those in search of housing and accommodation with exclusive services and targeted.

One of the many advantages in zHotelling is the vastness of types of accommodation presente in the search engine, in fact in zHotelling anyone can post ads for housing, local people who provide a room for those who travel, an entire apartment or any property, even in the countryside etc., and the classic struture accommodation as hotels, bed & breakfasts, cottages, holiday homes, guest houses, hostels, campsites, holiday parks .. and many other types.

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